Digital Dental Impressions

Welcome to the Future of Dentistry

A digital dental impression is a digital scan that creates a map of the teeth in3D and in real color. It allows the dentist to view the teeth on a computer screen and design restorations digitally. PSM Dental is equipped with the latest 3D Digital Impression scanner that provides higher accuracy in dental impressions, as well as improved patient comfort. The digital impression is captured using an intraoral wand that is inserted into the patient’s mouth and moved over the surface area of the tooth or teeth. Once the accurate scan is done, the file can be electronically shared to a dental laboratory for processing.

Advantages of Digital Dental Impressions:

  • Improved impression quality, ability to design restorations on computers with latest CAD-CAM technology resulting in precision-fitting and quicker restorations.
  • Digital dental impressions take less time than conventional impressions so no need to spend much time in the dental chair.
  • Faster dentures, crowns, bridges, Implants and other restorations.
  • More comfortable and can increase clients’ satisfaction.
  • A digital impression can easily be stored electronically, less paper work and efficient record-keeping and also 3D models can be printed at any time.

With advanced digital technology, it is possible to capture accurate impression of your teeth more quickly and precisely. Digital impressions eliminate the need for traditional impression materials. Digital impression taking is a revolutionary change from taking a physical impression in the patient’s mouth with elastic materials.

We welcome you to experience the future of Dentistry with us.